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As a school administrator you're bombarded with materials from all types of presenters. How can you be sure the program you are booking is as good as their claims? 

My wife, Catherine and I are known as "School Enhancement Specialists."  We travel the southeastern United States presenting over 400 school presentations yearly.  Our unique programs have been enjoyed by millions of students, teachers and parents over the last 20+ yrs. These presentations are regarded by hundreds of educators as the finest school programs they have ever hosted.  Don't take our word on it.... Here are actual educators comments about the presentations.

September 2, 2005

The Bullying Program yesterday was great.  You were able to keep the
student's attention while presenting the information in an exciting way.
Several students expressed their excitement after the program.  A lot of
teachers used the presentation as a journal topic for the day.  Some of
the student responses included . . . "I learned that it's not o.k. for
people to pick on me"  "Bully free is the way to be." "The magic was
great" "I want to see it again".

Faculty responses were all positive. . .
"This is the first assembly that we have had that the speaker has been
able to get students involved and keep their attention." "That was really
entertaining for students and teachers". "The cost per child was very

We appreciate you enthusiasm and dedication to help the youth of America.
Again thank you for your program. I highly recommend this program to any
elementary school who does or does not view bullying as an issue.  It is
not only preventive but informative for students and faculty.

Amy Rogers - Guidance Counselor
Smiley Elementary, Ludowici, GA

September 1, 2005

    We would like to convey our appreciation for the outstanding presentation today with our students.  Bullying is a topic that is a serious problem, and the manner that you presented to our students was both age-appropriate and engaging.  We particularly loved the touches of light comedy as it was evident that the children were enjoying themselves and learning valuable life-skill lessons.

Sandy Jones - Principal
Amy S Rogers - Counselor
Smiley Elementary, Ludowici, GA

August 29, 2005

I wanted to write you a little note to tell you how much I enjoyed
your presentations today at our school.  My daughter is a 4th grader at Eaton
and was very excited about your talk. She thought that you were super. I
 attended both sessions and thought that you did a wonderful job with the
 students and the teachers. I certainly hope that everyone takes it as
 serious as I do.

I have taught kindergarten -2nd grade for the past 12 years and this
 year moved to 3rd grade. I LOVE teaching that age. I enjoy the interaction
 that I have with the students and the getting to know you process. Today,
 when you were talking about the teacher's pet. I laughed to myself because
 if I do have a pet in my classroom it is the "underdog". I am the type of
 teacher that likes the challenging students, meaning the students with the
 discipline problems. They always seem to be my favorite. I guess it is
 because I see more success with them, meaning with their behavior.
     Well enough about me. Thank you so much for your time and effort that
 you shared with our school today.

Cara Harriman - 3rd grade Teacher
Eaton Elementary, Wilmington, NC

April 5, 2005

"The Bully-Free Zone!" and "Get A Grip On Bullying" came to our K-5 school
yesterday. John Cooper brought life and meaning to the word 'bullying' in
his presentations!  Students eagerly responded to his magic tricks, lively
music and humorous personality as he actively involved them in identifying
what bullying is and how to deal with it.

This assembly program provided our school a common experience as we
incorporate bullying/violence awareness into our curriculum.  As teachers
saw and heard student responses during the presentations, they became more
aware of the nature of and extent of the bullying our students deal with
in their lives.

During our after-school staff development, our staff and visitors were
drawn into a lively hour of information and participation.  With smiles,
laughter and movement, we ended our day energized.  We all left with ideas
we can use in the classrooms.

When information from John arrived in the mail several months ago, our
Special Programs Committee thought the bullying program fit a need we had
identified.  We talked to John and 'asked around' for recommendations from
other schools. We heard nothing but praise about his school assemblies. 
Now, we want to add our word of recommendation for having John present to
students and to staff! 

Sharon Hazlett - Guidance Counselor
North Albemarle Elementary School, Albemarle, NC 

February 10, 2005

To Whom It May Concern,

The students, faculty and parents were recently treated to a unique and timely workshop on how to have a "Bully-Free Zone" at Hendrix Elementary School.  Mr. John Cooper, School Enhancement Specialist has developed an entertaining presentation that includes magic, student participation, songs, puppetry and hands on experience that captivates children and adults alike.

Our day with Mr. Cooper began with an assembly for our K-2nd grade students from 9-9:45 am.  Then Mr. Cooper returned to our school at 1 pm to hold a program for our 3rd-5th grades.  My point being that Mr. Cooper was more than willing to accommodate our schedules and work with us to insure that all our students were able to hear his message.  Mr. Cooper then provided an hour long after school staff development in which he gave wonderful suggestions for maintaining a bully-free classroom along with lessons and a website for follow-up reinforcements.

I heartily recommend Mr. Cooper as a resource for your school.  This is the second year we have enjoyed having Mr. Cooper at our school and he always has fresh ideas to share and energize our students and faculty.  Last year he shared his program, "The Laughing Teacher" in a staff development setting and his ideas were stimulating, easily implemented and cost efficient.  Each time Mr. Cooper visits, it is a breath of fresh air and his presentations leave you laughing, entertained, and excited about being a educator.

Dawn Neely - Principal - Hendrix Elem.
Spartanburg, SC

Thanks for a great program!  It touched on everything I've already been talking to the students about.  When you played "Don't Laugh At Me" I couldn't believe it because I've showed the video to both the fifth grade and at a faculty meeting!  Some things I particularly liked:

Your great rapport with the students.

The FANTASTIC acrostic for easy memory & reference.

The story about the boy whose friends all stood together against the bully.

Your great role-playing about turning put-downs into jokes.  I actually saw a 5th grader remind her friend of that this morning complete with the gestures when she was having trouble with someone bothering her.

The magic tricks tied to different  points..... one student asked me what was up with the paper that wouldn't tear and I told him I didn't have a clue!

The four important things about friends.

The illustration of the geese was excellent as well for standing up to bullies together and staying with friends to stay out of harms' way.

I had a group of 2nd graders in today for a Friendship Group and we were using your "Six Secrets to Having Friends" poster and making the bookmarks. 

Thanks again.

Nan Kaspareck - Counselor
Herbert Woods Elementary - Columbia, SC

    Your powerful message, "Bully-Free....The Way To Be!", using the FANTASTIC Approach to stop bullying was very well received by our faculty and students.  All age levels were able to relate to the materials and the magical presentation.  Students now have the tools to counter bullying tactics.  They know the difference between tattling and telling and I believe the long-reaching effects will be realized in years to come. 

   The resource packets that the teachers received in the "Get A Grip On Bullying" faculty presentation and the access to your resourceful Web guides are being used with enthusiasm.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  It was truly a creative instructional program that students and teachers greatly enjoyed and appreciated.

Paula Webb - Counselor
Manning Oaks Elem., Alpharetta, GA

   Stacy & I really appreciate the efforts you made to "connect" with our students.  They really relate to you.  The examples you give are right on and they can really identify with them.  I can see that they are applying what they have learned and have commented to me about it.  Stacey has seen some with the bookmarks in their books.  Thanks again for all the ideas and support!

Denise Holmes - Counselor
Bill Hefner Elem., Fayetteville, NC

   Just a quick note to say thanks for the high-energy presentation on Friday.  I thought it was truly amazing that the students got to their feet in unison, to agree to take a stand against bullying.

   You ability to break down to "kid" level made a tremendous impact on our students.  Since you left us, several teachers have reported hearing students say, "Stop that.  It's not right!"  So thank you for getting that buzz phrase working for us.  

   I am looking forward to our next John Cooper event!  Until then, we are making fast and furious use of the materials that you provided via the website.  You are a true friend of both educators and students!

   Keep us posted on your next presentations.  We will definitely book it!

Gay Mullinax - Counselor
Johnston Elem., Johnston, SC


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