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Some Facts On Bullying....


What Is Bullying?
Bullying consists of repetitive actions targeted to a specific individual.  These negative actions include:

  • Being called names

  • Being pushed or pulled about

  • Being teased

  • Being hit or attacked
  • Having your backpack and other possessions taken and thrown around
  • Having rumors spread about you
  • Being ignored or left out
  • Being forced to hand over money or possessions
  • Being attacked because of religion or color
  • Having things thrown at you

Who Are The Bullies?
It is a common myth that all bullies are boys.  Both boys and girls can be bullies.

Bullying can be accomplished by an individual or a group of individuals.

There is an imbalance of power so the victim has trouble defending him or herself.  The imbalance of power can be due to:

  • Physical size

  • Age

  • Emotional or cognitive capacity

Bullying tactics of boys and girls are generally very different.  Boys tend to use verbal aggression, which is often accompanied by physical aggression.  Girls tend to use more subtle tactics, such as social alienation and gossip.

Why Do Children Bully?
The primary reasons are:

  • Get power

  • Gain popularity or attention

  • Copy the bullying behavior of another person they admire

Consequences Of Being Bullied

  • Drop in self-esteem

  • Feeling scared or isolated

  • Not liking school

  • Physical symptoms (headache, stomach ache)

Bullying Statistics

 In a study of students in grades eight through twelve, 80% reported being bullied at some point in their school career.  90% of fourth through eighth grade students also said they were victims.

Only 4% of bullying incidents reported involved adult intervention and only 11% involved peer intervention.

About 65% of bullied students in primary grades and 85% of bullied students in middle school reported that their teacher had NOT talked about bullying in class.

There is no relationship between the percentages of bullying and school or class size.

The greater number of teachers (per 100 students) supervising during break periods (lunch, recess) the fewer the bullying problems.

Bullies identified by age eight are six times more likely to be convicted of a crime by age twenty-four and five times more likely to end up with a serious criminal record by age thirty.

Girl bullies are more likely to use aggressive means in punishing their own children when these girls later became mothers.

Direct, physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school, and declines in high school. Verbal abuse, on the other hand, remains constant. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that younger students are more likely to be bullied than older students.

Over two-thirds of students believe that schools respond poorly to bullying, with a high percentage of students believing that adult help is infrequent and ineffective.

An estimated 160,000 children miss school everyday due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. (National Education Association)

Since 1992, there have been 250 violent deaths in schools that involved multiple victims. In virtually every school shooting, bullying has been a factor.

Even Stars Were Bullied.....

Whitney Houston reports having bad memories of school because she was teased about her looks by some girls.

Michelle Pfeiffer was also teased about her looks especially her lips and was nicknamed Michelle Mudturtle. She is reported as saying that at first she ran home crying. She later fought back: "I became a bully and a tomboy and used to beat up all the boys." (Rynning, 3/4/93, New Idea, p.10)

Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner say they were bullied because they had to change schools a lot. Tom Cruise was also given a hard time about having a learning problem. He was suspended from school for getting into fights.

Mel Gibson moved to Australia from New York when he was 12. He was taunted for being chubby and because of his American accent. Mel Gibson is reported as saying that "at first, no one liked me, they made rude remarks about me, cut me to the bone . . . My sense of humour kept the bullies away." (Rynning, 3/4/93, New Idea, p.11)

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